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Home Care for Seniors in Perry FL: Home Care Options

Wanting to Be There for Mom Is Great, but Home Care May Be Best Right Now

By Jami D. Eddy | Aug 4, 2017

It’s wonderful you want to be there for your mother. She may be in her 70s or 80s, living alone, and having difficulty with her own basic care. As people get older, it becomes more and more challenging for some to take care of themselves in a healthy and safe manner. You want to be…

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Health Foods That are Not That Healthy

By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | Jul 20, 2017

Senior Nutrition & Wellness: There are tons of foods that are marketed as healthy. Sometimes you need to pay a little extra attention to really figure out whether something is good for you or not so good for you. A lot of marketers realize that there is a big need for healthy foods, however, sometimes the claims are slightly over exaggerated. Some items named as healthy can be far from it. Foods that are truly healthy for you will not have a healthy label. For example, broccoli is not going to have a “low fat”, “high in fiber”, “Great source of vitamins”, “gluten free”, label on it because it’s broccoli and everybody knows it’s awesome for you. 

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Home Care for Seniors in Tallahassee FL: Staying Healthy

Experienced Home Care Aides Are Perfect for Helping Seniors Get or Stay Healthy

By Brian Moran | Mar 6, 2017

Getting and staying healthy is not always easy, regardless of a person’s age. If an elderly individual is dealing with certain challenges, especially mobility or recovering following a hospitalization, those challenges can be tremendous. Family and friends often step up to provide support, but if they have no prior experience assisting in these manners, they…

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3 Steps to Make the Best Home Care Decision for Yourself

By Brian Moran | Sep 21, 2016

Home Care for Seniors in Tallahassee FL: Maybe you’re in your 60s, 70s, or 80s and have finally decided to look into home care options.

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