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Mission Statement:  To provide unsurpassed healthcare focused on the highest standard in patient care, with an emphasis on dependability, training, and compassion.

Established in 2002, Liberty Healthcare Services was founded on the premise of providing a refreshing healthcare alternative in the home healthcare industry by creating an environment where the client and employee are treated with courtesy, compassion and consideration. Liberty Healthcare Services’ goal is to create and provide a personalized hands-on approach to every aspect of running a traditional homecare provider. LHS strongly believes that the success of any homecare provider begins with its personnel. Liberty Healthcare Services is committed to the recruitment and retention of quality field staff and emphasizes a rigorous screening and hiring process. LHS refuses to send any employees out in the field that are not going to be a fair representation of Liberty Healthcare Services’ mission. Through this process, LHS’ family of caregivers ultimately become just that…family.

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  • Workplace Safety Tips for Nurses May 24, 2017
    As a nurse, you spend a lot of time worrying about your patients’ well-being. When you’re so distracted thinking about other people, it’s easy to let your own safety take second place. However, nurses work in extremely hazardous environments, and it’s very easy to get injured on the job. What is the major contributing factor... […]
    Liberty Healthcare Services
  • How to Help a Patient through a Traumatic Experience May 17, 2017
    As nurses, we are not just responsible for our patients’ physical health; to claim that we are fulfilling our job description, we must be concerned with their emotional health, as well. This holistic approach is a fundamental part of nursing theory. At no point is this concept more important than after a traumatic or emergent... […]
    Liberty Healthcare Services
  • Can the Night Shift Affect Your Health? What Nurses Need to Know May 10, 2017
    Hospitals don’t get to shut down after business hours; if you still have patients to take care of, someone needs to be around. For this reason, almost all nurses have spent a significant amount of time working the night shift. Since most people are adapted to sleep at night and work in the day, it’s... […]
    Liberty Healthcare Services
  • 5 Tips to Make You a Great Charge Nurse May 3, 2017
    The role of charge nurse is different in each facility, but one thing is certain; at some point in your nursing career, you will need to fill this leadership role. Being a great charge nurse means so much more than just barking orders. While your unit’s nurse manager remains responsible for the functioning of the... […]
    Liberty Healthcare Services
  • Why It’s OK to Say No to Overtime April 26, 2017
    If you’re strapped for cash, being offered an extra shift can be a dream come true. At almost any other time, you’ll be dreading that phone call from your nurse manager asking you to work overtime. Whether it’s because you’re feeling sick, tired, busy or just don’t want to, working overtime is often the last... […]
    Liberty Healthcare Services
  • Strategies for New Nurse Managers April 19, 2017
    It’s no secret working in a hospital is stressful. It’s hard enough for RNs and others who work in direct patient care, but nurse managers have an especially heavy load. If this is a position you have recently taken on, or even if you’ve been at it for years, you know it’s not a responsibility... […]
    Liberty Healthcare Services