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Our caregivers are background screened and credentialed, so families can take comfort that their loved ones are well cared for. In addition, all of our caregivers are employees of Hopewell, so they are bonded, insured, and covered by workers compensation insurance, and we take care of payroll taxes.

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RSS Cargiving Articles By Hopewell In-Home Senior Care

  • Signs an Older Adult May Need Gallbladder Surgery January 17, 2018
    Edward, a 74-year-old man, began having pains in his abdomen. They always went away, but they made him very uncomfortable. Sometimes he also felt nauseous and he even vomited a few times. His daughter, Ellen, knew something was terribly wrong, so she insisted that Edward see a doctor. Upon examination, the doctor determined that Edward’s…
    Jami D. Eddy
  • 5 Signs of Social Isolation in an Elderly Relative January 10, 2018
    Social isolation is a growing epidemic among elderly adults in the United States. For a variety of reasons, some elderly people have increasingly limited interaction with others in their community. While a career, family, hobbies, and the daily tasks of life once made them get out and about, today’s retired elderly adults with grown kids…
    Jami D. Eddy
  • How Can You Help the Most When Your Senior Knows She Has Memory Problems? January 3, 2018
    When an aging adult has significant and worsening memory trouble, that makes being her caregiver a little more difficult. Talking to each other isn’t as simple as it once was and you may need to find some other solutions. Take Your Time. This is a new situation for your aging adult. In the past, she’s…
    Jami D. Eddy
  • Social Security Checks to Go Up in 2018, But By How Much? December 27, 2017
    In 2018, the Social Security Administration is giving seniors a slight increase. The estimated benefits for all retired workers increases from $1,377 to $1,404. For a couple, it increases from $2,294 to $2,340. While any increase is helpful, some wonder if a 2-percent raise is really enough. It may be time to take a closer…
    Jami D. Eddy
  • What You Should Know About Heart Attacks December 20, 2017
    Heart disease remains the leading cause of death among both men and women. Each year throughout the United States more than 610,000 people die as a result of heart disease. These statistics can be startling for you as a family caregiver, but it is important to acknowledge them so that you can learn as much…
    Jami D. Eddy
  • Could Cataract Surgery Help Seniors Live Longer? December 13, 2017
    Cataracts are a common vision problem for people over the age of 50. When a person has a cataract, the lens of their eye has become cloudy and difficult to see through. Cataracts can be treated with surgery in which the cloudy lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens. The surgery improves vision,…
    Jami D. Eddy