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Caregiver Stress in Havana FL: Don't Go It Alone

Don’t ‘Go It Alone’: Hire Help When Caring for a Family Member

By Jami D. Eddy | May 11, 2018

Claire wasn’t ready for this. At 43, having just seen her youngest child off to college, she had been looking forward to some time to herself, to spend with her friends, to start exercising again, and to begin pursuing a hobby she had put off for a long time. Her father slipped and fell and…

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Caregiver Stress in Tallahassee FL: Avoiding Burnout

When You’re Afraid of the Reflection in the Mirror: How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

By Jami D. Eddy | Dec 11, 2017

Jesse had never thought she would be taking care of her elderly mother. Her father had always been strong and supportive of everyone, the type of man who would drop everything to be there for his friends. When he passed away suddenly, it was a shock, not just to her, but her mother and everyone…

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Caregiver Stress in Madison FL: Assistance with Showering

When Dad Needs Help Showering, He Might Not Be Comfortable with You Assisting

By Brian Moran | Jun 1, 2017

It’s been a while and you have noticed significant changes in your father’s physical capabilities. He might be having trouble taking care of himself lately and you’ve been helping him out. Maybe you’ve been driving him to the store, to doctor’s appointments, and even helping him prepare meals. You might not consider yourself a family…

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Caregiver Stress in Quincy FL

Road Trip! 5 Ideas That Reduce Stress for the Caregiver in Your Life

By Brian Moran | Nov 3, 2016

Caregiver Stress in Quincy FL Family caregivers often undergo a tremendous amount of stress. When they first start supporting a family member, such as an aging parent or grandparent, they may assume it’s a relatively easy job. How could it possibly be stressful? After all, they’re going to get the opportunity to spend quality time…

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