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When Dad Needs Help Showering, He Might Not Be Comfortable with You Assisting

It’s been a while and you have noticed significant changes in your father’s physical capabilities. He might be having trouble taking care of himself lately and you’ve been helping him out. Maybe you’ve been driving him to the store, to doctor’s appointments, and even helping him prepare meals. You might not consider yourself a family caregiver, but that’s exactly what you’ve become.

Caregiver Stress in Madison FL: Assistance with Showering

Caregiver Stress in Madison FL: Assistance with Showering

The stress of being a caregiver can build over time. You may not realize it’s happening at the time, but eventually you will start to feel the effects and have difficulty sleeping, be unfocused, lose your temper more frequently, and much more.

You may have noticed your father having even greater difficulty in recent weeks performing some of the most basic tasks throughout the day. He might need assistance getting out of bed. He might need help getting down the hall. He may even require assistance getting down onto and getting back up from the toilet, showering, and more, even though he hasn’t yet asked you for help in this manner.

You might be okay with that situation, but would he?

You see yourself as a mature adult. It’s certainly not on your bucket list to see your father in this type of situation, but you wouldn’t have any trouble emotionally helping him with these very intimate details in life.

You take it upon yourself and may even insist on him relying on your service to make sure he’s safe, bathes properly, and cleans up as best as you can.

What you need to realize is he may have a problem with the situation.

Your father may be very embarrassed at the mere notion of having you or some other family member helping him with this very personal detail. Still, you know he needs to be safe and if you aren’t the one who’s going to help him, who will?

A home care aide can be a valuable resource.

An experienced caregiver, somebody who works for an agency, would be able to provide the support and assistance your father needs during these intimate matters he has to take care of. They can assist him getting out of bed, showering, toileting, getting dressed, and much more.

He doesn’t need to rely on a home care aide for 40 hours a week if he doesn’t want to. Just two hours every morning or maybe even every other day could be more than enough to provide him the safety he needs and the comfort he deserves.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to reduce caregiver stress in Madison, FL, please call the caring staff at Hopewell In-Home Senior Care today at 850-386-5552. Providing Senior Care Services in North Florida.

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Brian Moran

Brian Moran, RN is both a Partner and Director of Marketing for Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. Brian has worked at the Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Tallahassee Community Hospital, Select Specialty Hospital and has over 12 years’ experience as a home health care nurse at American Home Patient. Since joining Hopewell In-Home Senior Care in 2008, Brian has used his knowledge of health care and local resources to help seniors in Tallahassee, FL navigate the medical resource maze. His goal is to assist seniors and their families by increasing awareness, affordability and quality of in-home caregiver services for those who wish to age in place.

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