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The Best Way to Protect Veterans Against Fraud

Care for Aging Veterans in Tallahassee FL

Sadly, there are many, many people who do their best to defraud seniors, veterans, and just about anyone else who may be susceptible to a variety of scams. National Fraud Week is August 7th Care-for-Aging-Veterans-in-Tallahassee-FLthrough the 10th and there are plenty of ways to help protect seniors and veterans against fraud.

This information may not apply to everyone, but in a general sense some veterans may be at an increased risk of becoming victims of fraud due to a variety of factors. It could be the result of post-traumatic stress disorder suffered during their time of service. It could be due to age, mental incapacitation, or simply feelings of loneliness if they have a tendency to spend most of their time alone.

There are plenty of things people can do to help veterans stay more protected and reduce the risk of becoming victims of some scam or fraud.

Make sure they don’t pay for things unnecessarily.

For example, if a veteran is looking for home care support because it’s an absolute necessity, and they believe they would qualify for financial assistance through the VA, such as through their Homebound or Aid in Attendance Benefit programs, they might be approached or reach out unwittingly to an organization or individual who ‘guarantees’ approval for them with regard to these applications.

These ‘guarantees’ often come with a price tag. It may sound reasonable to shell out a certain amount of money for that guarantee, but there’s no such thing.

The VA has specific requirements for veterans to qualify for something like the Aid and Attendance Benefit. Time of service, a specific requirement for home care support, serving at least one day during an active combat time, as defined by Congress, and income and asset threshold levels are the keys.

There are numerous organizations all across the country, most of them nonprofit, and home care agencies that can provide the support and assistance veterans need to better understand the Aid in Attendance Benefit as well as Homebound pension programs.

No veteran should ever pay for help filling out any or all applications for pension programs through the VA. If they are approached by somebody who is charging for services in filing applications on their behalf, they should report them to the Veterans Administration and cease contact with them altogether.

Diligence is the best way to protect veterans of all ages against prospective scams and fraud. This August, if everyone does their part, they can reduce the risk other veterans might become victims of these crimes.

If you or an aging loved one are considering care for aging veterans in Tallahassee, FL, please call the caring staff at Hopewell In-Home Senior Care today at 850-386-5552. Providing Senior Care Services in North Florida.

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Brian Moran

Brian Moran, RN is both a Partner and Director of Marketing for Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. Brian has worked at the Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Tallahassee Community Hospital, Select Specialty Hospital and has over 12 years’ experience as a home health care nurse at American Home Patient. Since joining Hopewell In-Home Senior Care in 2008, Brian has used his knowledge of health care and local resources to help seniors in Tallahassee, FL navigate the medical resource maze. His goal is to assist seniors and their families by increasing awareness, affordability and quality of in-home caregiver services for those who wish to age in place.

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