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Eating Home-Made Soup vs Eating Canned Soup – Find Out the Health Benefits

Live-In Care For Seniors in Thomasville, GA Can Make Sure Your Elderly Loved One is Eating a Healthy Diet

Live-In Care For SeniorsSoup is a really good way to get some nutritious food into an elderly adult’s diet. Soup is usually considered a warm and soothing comfort food. It can have almost any kind of broth for a base and then filled with a variety of different vegetables. The vegetables are usually soft and can be cut up small for the elderly parent who may have troubles chewing sufficiently.

Soup is calling!

As cooler temperature arrive, a nice bowls of warm soup can be comforting and satisfying. Soup can be started in the morning in the slow cooker and allowed to develop the flavors as it slowly simmers until dinner time.

We can’t deny how easy it is to just open a can of soup and warm it up. There’s very little work and almost no waiting time to get a bowl of hot soup this way. So what are the advantages of making your own soup then?

Benefits of making your own soup

The one biggest benefit of making your own soup versus eating it from a can could be summed up in one word: sodium. Canned soup is generally loaded with sodium. For senior adults whose doctors have ordered a limited intake of sodium, canned soup is not a good choice.

Another benefit of making your own soup is you can add anything you want. Do you want kale in your potato soup? Put it in! Do you like loads of onions in your Manhattan clam chowder? Put in as many as you like!

A third benefit is that you can use up some leftovers. Those little bits of leftover green beans and corn in the fridge? Put them in today’s veggie soup!

Soup as a staple for elderly parents

Today’s seniors have gone through periods of economic stress over their lifetimes. They know what it’s like to have food shortages or live in war-torn countries or come from a poor family. Soup is a fall-back for feeding your family during hard times. It’s also a favorite choice when a person can’t tolerate a big heavy meal.

The nutrients of the vegetables in the soup stay in the broth, so homemade soup is good to the last drop. To make a homemade soup even heartier, you can add a grain. For example, noodles, rice or barley added to a soup makes it a little more filling as well as adding some more fiber.

Soup can be made ahead of time and frozen in single serving containers to be heated up when ready to use.

For the senior who requires live-in care with home care, or personal care remember to call on elder care services.

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Brian Moran

Brian Moran, RN is both a Partner and Director of Marketing for Hopewell In-Home Senior Care. Brian has worked at the Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Tallahassee Community Hospital, Select Specialty Hospital and has over 12 years’ experience as a home health care nurse at American Home Patient. Since joining Hopewell In-Home Senior Care in 2008, Brian has used his knowledge of health care and local resources to help seniors in Tallahassee, FL navigate the medical resource maze. His goal is to assist seniors and their families by increasing awareness, affordability and quality of in-home caregiver services for those who wish to age in place.

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