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      Sometimes, Safety Just Isn’t a Concern for Seniors Because They Don’t Realize It’s a Problem

      By Jami D. Eddy | August 17, 2018

      When you don’t really think something is a problem, you never really give it a second thought. For seniors, safety could be an issue they don’t really think much about, mostly because they don’t see the hazards that exist all around them. Most of us take our safety for granted, and that gets more complicated…

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      Top 4 Tips for Finding the Best Home Care Option for You or Someone You Care About

      By Jami D. Eddy | July 12, 2018

      Finding the right home care support for somebody you love doesn’t have to be complicated. Unfortunately, for those who have never had to do this before, they may not know where to start. It might be difficult to convince an aging senior that home care is the best option, especially if they have you or…

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      Aging Veterans Receiving VA Disability Benefits Don’t ‘Automatically’ Receive an Increase to 100% Just for Having Another Birthday

      By Jami D. Eddy | June 15, 2018

      For veterans who have been receiving some type of VA disability through the years, it will likely be a percentage, like 50%, 60%, or 70%, for example. Some veterans inaccurately assume that once they reach a certain age their benefits will automatically kick up to 100%. That’s simply not the case. These benefits are determined…

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      Don’t ‘Go It Alone’: Hire Help When Caring for a Family Member

      By Jami D. Eddy | May 11, 2018

      Claire wasn’t ready for this. At 43, having just seen her youngest child off to college, she had been looking forward to some time to herself, to spend with her friends, to start exercising again, and to begin pursuing a hobby she had put off for a long time. Her father slipped and fell and…

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      Visiting a Parent with Alzheimer’s May Highlight Some Challenges

      By Jami D. Eddy | April 9, 2018

      If you have a parent who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, you might not have the opportunity to visit with him or her very often. It’s not easy to accept this kind of diagnosis, especially given the various perceptions people have about the disease. Most people have a tendency to think about the final stages.…

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      3 Signs the Pain of Arthritis Is Making Recovery More Difficult for Dad

      By Jami D. Eddy | March 19, 2018

      It’s not easy to watch somebody deal with arthritis. As they get older, the pain may become more intense. The inflammation can be more severe. It can also complicate recovery. If your father was recently hospitalized, no matter why, he will likely be facing some length of time for recovery. It could be a matter…

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